Second Cairns ‘kidnap’ victim talks

The second alleged victim of an abduction in far north Queensland, which led to a man being tortured, tied to a tree and left for dead, is co-operating with police.


In court documents, police allege Dean Thomas Guest was forced into a car along with 26-year-old Maitland Chitty in Cairns on Saturday, after the pair was threatened with a pistol over a drug debt.

Mr Guest had remained quiet about the alleged attack for days but Detective Inspector Geoff Marsh on Friday confirmed the 24-year-old was now co-operating with detectives.

“It’s entirely possible further charges will be proffered,” Det Insp Marsh told AAP.

Confirmation of Mr Guest’s co-operation comes after he appeared in court accused of stealing a gun safe, tool box and esky from a Cairns home on the day he was allegedly abducted.

Court documents describe how he and Mr Chitty had their heads covered with bags or T-shirts as they were driven to numerous locations in the state’s far north.

It’s not clear from the documents what the alleged abductors did with Mr Guest, who police allege has been threatened.

Mr Chitty was put in a shipping container at Kuranda, bound and stabbed, before being abandoned in the Black Mountain area on Sunday, police allege.

It’s thought the man managed to break free of his ropes, before stumbling barefoot through the bush to a crocodile farm where he was found on Monday morning.

Five people, including two men accused of attempted murder, have been charged over Mr Chitty’s ordeal.

Police say they still want to talk to anyone who may have seen a black 2006 Mazda with registration 765 VZA or a green 2014 Isuzu ute with registration 266 TZP they believed were used in the abduction.

They’re interested in those vehicles’ movements between 9am Saturday and 11.30am Monday.

All but two of Mr Chitty’s alleged torturers have been granted bail.

Mr Guest was also given conditional bail in the Cairns Magistrate Court on Friday.